Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter from Kyrgyzstan April Relief Fund

Dear friends,

This message is addressed to all of you who are not indifferent to the recent events, which took place in Kyrgyzstan on April 6-7-8, 2010. We are turning to you with a request to join us in our efforts to help victims of these horrible events. As you know from the news, 81 people were killed and 443 people were wounded. Out of 443 wounded, 65 are still in intensive care and in desperate need for medicines and special treatment.


The events also had a lot of immediate social ramifications victimizing many of the most vulnerable members of the society: orphans, elderly, and handicapped who were left with little provision of food and drugs, and they are currently struggling.

We, the young people around the globe, took initiative to set up a fund to aid the victims of the revolution. We currently have several teams in four countries:

UK efforts are coordinated by Karachach Sadybakasova, Edil Ajibaev, and Saina Otorbaeva.
EU efforts are coordinated by Zarina Osmonalieva.
USA efforts are coordinated by Aibek Hakimov.
Kyrgyzstan efforts are coordinated by Aselia Kasenova.

We promise to ensure transparency in all our actions. Here is how we will work:

FUNDRAISING: All teams will be working towards raising funds via local bank accounts. Funds will be then transferred to NGO “Students In Free Enterprise” in Kyrgyzstan, which has been functioning since 2003 and has set up a separate bank account at the international bank for this purpose.

AID: Distribution of funds will be carried out by the Kyrgyzstan team via NGO “Students In Free Enterprise”. All transactions will be documented and financially reported.

BENEFICIARIES: The list of beneficiaries will include the wounded, families of the killed, vulnerable members of our society directly or indirectly affected by the events on April 6-8, 2010. The team held negotiations with the local association of NGOs and will be cooperating with its members, which collect specific information about various groups of victims in order to ensure coordinated and effective approach in distributing aid.

REPORTING: The Kyrgyzstan team will report to donors, justifying each of its decisions on placement of funds. Reports will be published online on a monthly basis. Financial reports will be checked and audited by a group of independent professional auditors (who have volunteered to do the audit) before closing the fund.
NB: Any donor has the right to request to view any supporting financial documents at any time.

We would like to ensure our donors in our sincere aspiration to help our country fellows. We will appreciate any help. Your participation will mean a universe to those who will receive your support.


The April Relief Fund Team


UK/ EU RESIDENTS can send directly to the following bank account:
Account name: April relief
Account number: 12788309
Sort code: 559100
Bank address: PO Box 13, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM991AN
IBAN: GB17NWBK55910012788309


Can send checks directly to the Kyrgyz Club:
Kyrgyz Club
219 51st
Brooklyn NY 11220

Or contact Kyrgyz Club directly:

New York, NY
Aibek Hakimov, Ph. 917-945-0021, 917-945-0021 (Brooklyn)
Kerim Orozaliev, Ph. 718-844-1667, 718-844-1667 (Manhattan)

Washington DC
Aisulu Sulaimanova, Ph. 917-257-4645, 917-257-4645

Los Angeles, CA
Janysh Osmonov, Ph. 310-484-9607, 310-484-9607

Miami, FL
Omar Djanyshev, Ph. 857-234-3082, 857-234-3082

Indianapolis, IN
Anara Atabekova, Ph. 317-605-6005, 317-605-6005

Seattle, WA
Nurbek Ismailov, Ph. 206-321-1274, 206-321-1274


Can make money transfers directly to the bank account in Kyrgyzstan:


PU Students In Free Enterprise
Account: 1280010114725174

Beneficiary Bank: Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Corresponding bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
New York, USA
Account # of KICB: 04-416-441
Fedwire ABA #021001033


ОО «Студенты в свободном предпринимательстве»
Счет №: 1280010014725147
Банк-получатель: ЗАО Кыргызский Инвестиционно-Кредитный Банк (КИКБ)
БИК: 128001

Remember, any amount is highly appreciated!

If you have any questions or concerns, please kindly contact
Aselia Kasenova:
Ph: +996 559 37 77 27

Or plea
se feel free to contact our officers directly via Facebook:
Karachach Sadybakasova,
Edil Ajibaev, Saina Otorbaeva, Zarina Osmonalieva, and Aibek Hakimov.



- Original message by Aselia Kasenova + added photos by me, Tilek Mamutov,
Photos - courtesy of Boston Global

More photos:
Protests in Kyrgyzstan - April 7, 2010 (by Boston Global)
Looting in Kyrgyzstan
Funerals of victims of events in Kyrgyzstan of April 7, 2010
First day after revolution
One day after revolution

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