Monday, August 27, 2007

L'École Maternelle Bilingue de Bâle

Сайт друга моего друга, хочется поставить на него ссылку. :)

Targets and projects of Les Coquelicots
Les Coquelicots aims to gently lead the child on those important first steps away from home. It requires attentive adults who will encourage and help with the wealth of new experiences. The kindergarten becomes not only part of the child's life, but a doorway to the wider world. It provides an environment in which the child is nurtured, meets and interacts with other children and grows in self-confidence.

The range of ages, languages and cultural backgrounds in the kindergarten all help to instil tolerance and respect for others.

The child will experience numerous "life spaces" like:

* sounds, music and song,
* art and poetry,
* daily living and culture.

from the very beginning. Life spaces form the core of daily routine in the kindergarten.

Les Coquelicots is a place for discovery, joy and, we hope, laughter.

L'École Maternelle Bilingue de Bâle

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